DokiDoki! Precure - Batch

CRF15.5 4:4:4 10-bit video, AAC q0.65 audio.

Subs: Commie

This release uses ordered chapters, so if you don't download the ED none of the episodes will have an ED.

Batch changes: Fixed ep21 (minor script issue), new encode for ep49, added NCOP02. No patches.
I might do the movie sometime later using Doremi subs but don't plan on it.


  1. What is this 4:4:4 shit. Why you doing it.

  2. Hello. I am re-downloading this. I know it is terribly late but can you re-seed it sometimes? Thank you very much

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  4. Are you still around? Your DokiDoki release used Commie’s unedited original subs, but there were a bunch of inconsistencies and mistakes pointed out in the comments on Commie’s website. I have some edited ASS files from back then, plus “queen” still needs to be replaced by “princess” in the first 13 episodes; wanna make a v2 under your name? I could translate the missing episode previews, too.

    And now I’ve spent what must be a couple of unplanned hours rewatching DokiDoki, help! The first half of this show really was so good…

    1. Forgot to add the link: https://mega.nz/folder/eVZ2WICJ#tzaHU1h1ijaDk1PymQI0zQ

    2. Ah dammit, I stopped before posting to correct all the “queen”s and by the time I returned, I forgot that I’d already mentioned it in the comment. So uh, the linked folder already has “queen” corrected. Only the Blu-ray previews are missing.